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Recommended Antenna's and Supplies
AntennaCraft by RadioShack AC9 Low Profile VHF UHF FM HD Antenna (AC9)
If you are 25 miles or less from the broadcast towers theres no need for a massive antenna.The AntennaCraft AC9 is a good external VHF and UHF antenna for cord-cutters or for those looking to add over-the-air reception to cable or satellite systems.
W 98" L 30" H 4" Weight 2.8 lbs.
16 Electronic Elements
Mileage VHF Low: 25 Miles VHF High: 25 Miles UHF: 15 Miles
Channel Master CM2020 Digital Advantage TV Antenna (CM-2020)
60-Mile range for VHF reception, 60-Mile range for UHF reception.
41 Elements
22" Overall Height
Suburban Rated (60 miles)
UHF 60 Miles
VHF 60 Miles
Need a pre-amp, this is the ONLY
one we recommend.

Channel Master CM7777 Titan2 VHF/UHF TV Antenna Preamplifier with Power Supply (CM-7777)
Optimum filtering for rejection of out-of-band signals.
Surface-mounted components for automated production and consistent high performance.
Improved circuitry for full lightning and surge protection
Makes up for signal loss from long cables and splitters
Gain: 30 dB, 54 to 1002 MHz
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