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Founded in 1952, thus being one of the oldest TV associations West of the Rocky Mountains, currently gives all North Central Washington viewers an alternative to expensive TV choices like cable and satellite. Now, after 62 years, Apple Valley TV continues to provide this service. Apple Valley TV, now a branch of Wenatchee Valley Community Television, is a community service that provides "over the air" Television, FM Radio and Wireless Internet services covering Chelan, Douglas, Grant and parts of Adams, Franklin and Kittitas Counties in North Central Washington. Over The Air (OTA) is an old TV broadcasting technology that has taken a huge step forward in recent years with the shift to digital technology. With the transition from analog to digital transmitters, the image quality of OTA is breathtaking, far surpassing the highly compressed image of cable and satellite reception. Everyone who has made the switch to OTA has been amazed by the quality of the reception—finally they are getting the most out of their HDTV—and YOU can too!
We broadcast ALL channels listed in "DIGITAL" format. Most channels are "SD" (Standard Definition) due to the costs associated with "HD" (High Definition) broadcasting. In order to receive our television services you MUST have either a newer digital television (made 2009 to present) or a digital converter box attached to an older analog television and a OUTSIDE antenna able to receive VHF and UHF—channels 2-51. ALL the actual communications sites located in the communities we serve CANNOT pick up all of the networks directly off the air due to terrain and distance. That being the case, for many of the channels, we must use satellite and/or microwave systems installed at our communications sites in order to provide the channels listed. This costs extra money due to the specialized equipment required and monthly fees to these service providers.
Note:  NOT all channels listed above are available in all communities served.
KREM ------2.1
KXLY -------4.1
KHQ --------6.1
KSPS ------7.1
KSPS- WORLD ------7.2
KSPS- CREATE -----7.3
KCPQ -----13.1
KAYU -----28.1
KWCC -----47.1
KYVE (Yakima) ------47-1/18.1
KYVE- WORLD ------47-2/18.2
KYVE- CREATE -----47-3/18.3
Columbia Basin Only :
3ABN -------39.1
K39DL-D --39.1
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Join us to keep up with what we are doing...